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What items do you pick up?

We take old electrical appliances; toasters, kettles, frypans, power tools, wiper snippers, lawnmowers, extension cords, saucepans, cutlery, fridges, microwaves, stoves etc.

Basically, everything in the shed that’s metal, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, car batteries, car parts, wheel rims, PVC wiring, nuts, bolts old hand tools etc.

Old BBQ’s, swings, outdoor settings , iron sheeting, fence poles, fencing.

We also buy old, scrapped cars and yes, we will pick them up from your yard and we will pay you for your car!

What items don't you pick up?

We don’t take glass, rubber, wood, or cloth materials e.g., lounges, mattresses & solar panels.

Are there any fees for your pick up services?

Nope, there are no fees!

However, we do not pay for scrap when we collect it from residential properties in Whyalla.  If you wish to be paid for your scrap, please bring it to our yard on Oborn Street.

In regards to industrial, farm & dump clean ups we do pay for the scrap we take.  Contact us to learn more!

Do we get paid if you come with your equipment to our farm or worksite?

Yes, we do pay a premium price when we come out to your site.  The price we pay is subject to the current market prices for ferrous and nonferrous scrap.

Why do you ask for photos of our scrap?

The photos help us to determine accessibility to the site, what equipment is required, and gives an idea of volumes so that we have a rough idea how long the job will take.  Also helps to identify power lines and if the area is sandy.

How do we get paid?

After we have weighed off your loads and the job is completed, we will issue you a Tax Receipt and the option for payment is –cash, cheque or EFT

I have a pickup of scrap in Whyalla – do I pay to have it picked up

No, we do not charge to come out to pick u. However, we will also not pay you for your scrap.

I only have 1 item for pick up is that OK?

Yes, we will pick up as much as you have.  Just call us on 86451251 or use our book in register.

Have another question?

Head over to our contact page and reach out to us.