We’re the premier scrap metal recyclers on the Eyre Peninsula!

Why pay dump fees when we can take your scrap?

Everything has a dollar value and if you bring it into us, we can weigh it and pay you for it!

We take ferrous & non-ferrous metal!

We take old electrical appliances; toasters, kettles, frypans, power tools, whipper snippers, lawnmowers, extension cords, saucepans, cutlery, fridges, microwaves, stoves etc.

Basically, everything in the shed that’s metal, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, copper wire, car batteries, car parts, wheel rims, PVC wiring, nuts, bolts old hand tools etc.

Old BBQ’s, swings, outdoor settings , iron sheeting, fence poles, fencing.

We also buy old, scrapped cars and yes, we will pick them up from your yard and we will pay you for your car!

Bring your scrap to us or ask us to collect it from you!

Bring it in and we’ll weigh it on either drive on weighbridge or use a platform weighbridge – both are certified as accurate yearly.  We’ll ensure you get paid fairly for your scrap!

If you are unable to bring it to us, we can arrange for a local pick up! Unfortunately, we don’t pay you for the scrap we pick up from you, however we also don’t charge you for this service.

We specialise in industrial, farm & dump clean ups!

We bring our equipment to you!

We go everywhere! All over the Eyre Peninsula including towns such as Lock, Cummins, Kimba, Cleve, Rudall, Arno Bay, Cowell, Iron Knob, Wudinna & Tumby Bay & many more!

We pride ourselves on taking all your scrap metal & use our heavy industrial magnet to ensure that the ground is clear!

We take your old tractors, headers, fencing wire, roofing anything that is metal we will take away for you and we will also pay you a good price for your scrap!

We have Prime Movers, Semi Tippers, Excavator with a Grab and Magnet that helps us to take it all away for you.

We also sell red gum firewood!

We have a nice stock pile ready to go for this winter. Bring your car or trailer in and load up for winter. Hand pick the wood for the size you want!

We also offer wood deliveries for a $20 delivery fee.

Use our weighbridge to weigh car, trailer or van etc.!

We also offer a weighbridge service if you need to know the weights of your car, trailer, caravan etc. 

Our weighbridge is annually certified, and we can provide a printout of your weights to meet the criteria of a certified GVM of your vehicle, weights on the axles etc

Handy to know when travelling across the border!